Bonny Roberts

Bonny Roberts

Most of my art education has been obtained by taking numerous workshops

with a variety of instructors. My single biggest influence was Richard

Nelson of Hawaii with whom I have spent many weeks of instruction. His

primary influence was the reknowned “colourist” Joseph Albers. For about

15 years I painted in watercolour using only the 3 primary colours. During

this period I had 16 prints on the market with Canadian Gallery Prints which

“Paid the Bills”, leaving me free to experiment with all kinds of new ideas.

At this time I worked in collage, inks, acrylics and oils, all the while taking

classes with artists from both Canada and the States.

Since moving to the Okanagan I have gone full circle back to the basics with

my acrylics and the 3 primaries, doing both representational and abstract.

Colour and compostion are still the primary concerns when doing a painting.

I paint full time now in my studio in Keremeos and spend a huge amount of

time teaching with the different chapters of the Federation up here. I get

a lot of enjoyment making my fellow artists feel the excitement I feel while

creating a painting.

I feel that I will always do both representational and abstract as I find

that one feeds the other. After spending a lot of time doing the abstract,

I will go to some new place and be compelled to paint all the new landscapes

and people that I see. Cont’d………2

– 2 –

I must admit that, as time goes by, I am drawn more and more to the

abstract and love to experiment with anything I can get my hands on.

I use any and all products that might enable me to get the effect I am

after. I always stick to the traditional in my representational work

but anything goes for the abstract.

Awards over the years:

1 “Play Through” was selected by “Orca Bay Holdings” and the

G.V.O. Golf Tournament for 1st prize.

2 “Mystic” was selected the Bronze Medal winner at the F.C.A.

Spilsbury Medal Show.

3 “Call to the Gate” was selected by Fraser Downs, T.B.C. and the

Surrey Arts Council for 1st prize.

4 “Racetrack Montage” was selected by Fraser Downs, T.B.C., and the

Surrey Arts Council for 1st prize.

5 “Then & Now” was selected by Hastings Park, T.B.C., and the Surrey

Arts Council for 1st prize.

6 Tinyan Chan, S.F.C.A. award for “Windswept”.

7 Award of Excellence for “Through” at Art Visions 2009.

8 Award of Excellence for “Time” at juried Summerland Show.

9 Peoples Choice Award for “Time” at juried Summerland Show.

10 Award of Excellence for “Brendan, James & Charlie” at Handworks

juried show.

11 Voted in the top 10 artists at 2010 Lake Country Art Walk (More

Than 300 artists).

12 Silver Award for “Mystique” at 2010 juried “Art Visions 2010,


13 Voted tied for 1st place at 2011 Lake Country Art Walk (More than

300 artists).

14 Voted number 1 at 2012 Lake Country Art Walk (More than 300


Please visit my webpage to see more of my work.

Inner IMG_2124 IMG_2072 IMG_1761 7_ First Snow up the Ashnola, 15 x 22 _Spring%20Spectrum_%20Roberts,%20Bonny,%20Spring%20Spectrum,%2019_5%20x%2025_5,%20Acrylic,%20$1200_00[1]