Allie Arnst

headshotHello! I am a self-taught abstract artist, working in acrylic and mixed media. I grew up in Saskatchewan where the rolling wheat fields meet the sky, and the wide open spaces leave your options open, like a blank canvas. I have been painting since the late 80’s, in between college/university and careers, with a more intent focus now. Texture is prominent in most of my artwork. I work mainly in acrylics, and various mediums to satisfy my need for defined texture.  I love dark, rich, earthy colors, but I am striving to move into lighter and brighter colors.   More recent works find me going back to my roots where I spent time on horseback, and even more time drawing horses. I have included a few renditions of the wonderful horse for this show.  I hope you enjoy it! If you don’t see my signature on the front of the piece, it will be on the side or on the back. With abstracts, I feel it’s nice to be able to hang the piece in any direction.




Copper Penny